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Servos for RC Planes

Servos play a critical role in the function of your plane. Choosing the right servo is a big choice in your RC plane build. Find a reliable brand you like by shopping our line of servos. 

FrSky Xact Brushless High Torque Servos with Soft Start

Introducing the Xact Brushless 5400 Series High-Voltage Servos. These high-quality servos feature a CNC machined aluminum case and robust metal gears, ensuring durability and precision. With support for up to 8.4V, they deliver impressive speed and torque for your RC needs. Choose from various models tailored to different torque and speed requirements. Plus, these servos support FBUS protocol for real-time telemetry data, such as current, voltage, and temperature, enhancing your control and monitoring capabilities. Enjoy configurable servo travel options and easy setup via the ETHOS Xact configuration tool or Freelink app. Upgrade your RC experience with Xact!

Xact 5400 Series Servos Specs Chart.png
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